Wants and Needs

At Progress School we got into a conversation about wants and needs, and the role they play in shaping our reality and our future.

A need is something that we must have in order to survive. Shelter, food, warmth, love, meaning, purpose. Without these we face misery and a premature death. Needs are relatively limited – though some can be illusive.

Not all of them can be bought.

Wants on the other hand are things that you would like to possess, now or in the future. Wants are unlimited and are a bit of dream for sales folk. There is always something else to want. And we are socialised, taught to want.

Because most of what we want does not relate to a need we often keep on wanting and are never satisfied. Our wants can displace our attention from our needs for meaning and purpose, belonging and love. We might want stuff to compensate for the absence of these things.

So when planning Progress ask your self is this a want or a need? Personally I think there is nothing wrong with wanting and getting stuff. as long as it is done with awareness. But if we focus on meeting our deep human needs and those of our friends and neighbours then perhaps we will achieve a much greater sense of joy and wellbeing?

Progress School

I have been running Progress School for more than 10 years now. It is a format for group or team coaching that helps to build a community of people who help each other to make progress, using a tried and tested coaching process.

It usually runs once a month for two hours. I often run two or three sessions in a day at different times to increase accessibility. It is not a course where you have to attend every session. Participants drop in when they want and when they can. Missing a session or two is not a problem.

In Leeds I provide Progress School in partnership with some great venues on a “pay as you can and free is fine” basis so that people can access free or affordable coaching support.

Elsewhere I offer Progress School as a service to employers or communities who are looking for affordable, high quality and effective coaching support.

If you would like to know more about Progress School, especially if you might want to attend or commission it for your community or organisation please do get in touch using the form below.

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Penny Andrews – Journalist, writer, performer

Nick Morgan – CEO Chapeltown Citizens Advice