Complete Reset?

From: The Systems View of Life by Capra and Luisi

We really are cursed to live in interesting times, aren’t we?

Or perhaps we are blessed?

Perhaps we are offered the chance to step up to a call that is greater than achieving a good inspection, or a strong return on investment. Perhaps we can do more than mitigate the worst impacts of the social systems that we have created on the growing numbers of the marginalised and the poor? Maybe we can find a kinder way to share this beautiful planet with other forms of life?

Perhaps we have the chance to find a way to manage a ‘complete reset’? A lasting shift to a kinder, more connected way of being in the world?

I am looking to work with a group of people from a range of disciplines and backgrounds who are keen to use this time to reflect on our own practices, our ways of being in the world, our habits and behaviours, knowledge and skills, values, attitudes and beliefs, and sense of self and purpose so that we may not ‘return to normal’ when this passes, but ‘move on to a new normal’.

A new normal that is kinder, more inclusive, sustainable and resilient.

After the financial crisis in 2008 we had no real alternative to move forward with, so we simply went back to business as usual. I am keen to explore how we can move forward.

Please do get in touch if you might want to come on this journey with me. And please do forward the invitation to others who might be interested.