Favourite Things – Power, Diversity and Inclusion

Mike Chitty Realise DevelopmentA page that curates some of my favourite resources for helping me to think about, and act, on issues relating to power, diversity and inclusion.

Just Cause with Derek A Bardowell – Author of ‘No Win Race’. In these podcasts Derek speaks to the people who are tackling some of the most challenging social issues of our times. You will hear the views, approaches and tactics of those who are reforming our public services, speaking truth to power and opening the doors for the marginalised to move to the centre.

Under the Skin – Black Revolution and Whiteness Psychosis Podcast with Professor Kehinde Andrew and Russel Brand.

Collaborative Society – Victor Adebowale is CEO of Collaborate CIC set up to help public services collaborate to tackle complex social issues.  I especially loved the podcasts with Professor Donna Hall who led the Wigan Deal, discusses some challenging views of commissioning and Professor Kevin Fenton – Director of Public Health in Southwark who reflects on his work on large public health programmes on the US and now in London.

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