Products and Services

Over the years I have developed a range of products and services designed to help people and organisations to be the best that they can, and to become even better over time!

How to Be and Outstanding Manager – H2BOM

I have been developing H2BOM for about 15 years now. It provides managers with a a basic system for management that helps to bring the very best out of the people that they manage. It is a taught programme and can work with small teams of managers or large organisations with hundreds of managers at different levels!

It has five core workshops, and I deliver one each month, allowing participants to put into practice what I teach them. The workshops are:

  • Great Working Relationships
  • Giving and Getting Great Feedback
  • Being a Brilliant Coach
  • Maximum Effective Delegation
  • Time and Priority Management

Progress School

Progress School is another product with over 10 years development behind it. It is a group coaching process that again can work with small groups of 3 or 4 or large groups of 20 or more.

It uses a methodology call Self Directed Learning to help participants work out what they need to learn to achieve what matters most to them, and how they will go about learning it. Typically Progress School comprises 6 x 2 hour group coaching sessions with one session being delivered each month. As well as helping individuals to develop their own self directed learning strategies it also allows the group to exchange knowledge and skills and to support and challenge each other in their learning.

Learn to Innovate…

Over the years I have had dozens of clients who wanted to ‘be more innovative’. Some of them seemed to think that just by wanting to be more innovative they would be. In fact innovation is a process that needs to be taught. I use a set text book, require participants to read one chapter each week or month. We then hold a workshop either face to face or online to explore how to put into practice the lessons contained in the chapter.

The learning is supported through a series of mindmaps with links to additional resources.


Coaching is really like a 121 version of Progress School. I use the same Self Directed Learning approach but the 121 setting sometimes allows greater depth and confidentiality. My coaching work usually focuses on helping managers and leaders to improve their effectiveness and to find more joy and pride in their work – usually by spending less time on it!